Astoria Hotel Gent ***

Telefoon: 0032 9 222 84 13

Fax: 0032 9 220 47 87


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Omschrijving: this charming hotel located in the art district of ghent is one of a very few family-run hotels. the astoria hotel has 25 stylishly decorated rooms with all modern amenities. visitors are guaranteed cosiness, warmth, charm and an eye for detail. at your arrival we inform you about ghent in all its aspects in order to give you a feeling of
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Astoria Hotel Gent *** is momenteel GESLOTEN.
Astoria Hotel Gent *** gaat terug open binnen 04 uur en 16 minuten.

urenheader openingsuren van Astoria Hotel Gent *** in Achilles Musschestraat 39 in 9000 Gent

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